Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Girl's at Picnic Point

While we were in Washington, we spent about 30 minutes at the beach. Aliah and Brynn had fun. Chloe cried nearly the whole time.

Uncle Ben's Graduation

On Friday June 13, 2008, Ben graduated from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy with his doctorate of pharmacy degree. We were very excited to be able to be there. Aliah, Brynn, Chloe, & I flew to Seattle and stayed just 4 short days. We had a great time but hope that next time we'll be able to stay longer. The girls were able to see their cousins (Regan, Isabelle, & Baylen) while I went to the graduation with my parents. Aliah & Brynn were VERY hesitant to leave when it was time to go.
The next evening, we all went out to dinner at the Woodfire Grill in Everett to celebrate graduation and father's day. We are all SO HAPPY for Ben he has worked long and hard for this!!

Chloe LOVES the Shower

Chloe LOVES showers!! It's a good thing since she HATES baths so much!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I LOVE my BEAUTIFUL daughters!!

Brynn and Chloe

Brynn loves her little Chloe but you better be fast with that camera because she doesn't hold still for long!!! What PRETTY little girls!!

Aliah & Chloe

Aliah holding Chloe after her blessing. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful daughters!!! I have learned however, that it is very difficult to photograph all 3 of them together.

Daddy and Chloe

Daddy and Chloe at home after her blessing. Chloe received her name and blessing on Sunday June 8, 2008. We were very grateful that so many of the Porter's were able to be there!! Chloe is becoming quite the daddy's girl.

Last Day of School

May 30, 2008 was the last day of school for Brynn & Aliah. Brynn finished kindergarten and Aliah finished 4th grade (I can't believe it). Both girls did VERY WELL academically. They are looking forward to summer break and visiting Grandma in Washington!

Fun with Makeup

Aliah & Brynn had fun with makeup. Aliah cleaned out her desk at school and found left over halloween makeup. While we were cleaning up dinner dishes Aliah had time to give herself & Brynn lovely makeovers.


Aliah and Brynn rode the chairlift at Sundance with Papa & Grandma Mary while mommy and Chloe watched from the bottom of the mountain. It was SOOOOO Cold but the view was worth it.

Papa and Grandma Mary came to Utah to visit us for the first time ever on Memorial day weekend. We went to Cabela's to practice shooting and to see all of the fish. They had a great time!!

Chloe's First Bath

We discovered right away that Chloe hated baths. The next time we bathed her Danny took her in the shower with him and we found out how much Chloe LOVED the shower. Now Chloe only gets showers.

Chloe's Nursery

We got to bring Chloe home on Sunday April 26, 2008. Grandma and Wayne made the house look perfect. What a beautiful job Grandma and the girls did on Chloe's nursery when Grandma came for visits in January and March. We are so grateful for all she did to help us make our house look so good.

Brynnee Bear and Chloe Cat

Brynn loves to be called Brynee Bear. Brynn LOVES her little Chloe Cat!! Brynn can't wait until she can feed Chloe something other than a bottle. She can't believe that anyone can grow big and strong with milk alone. She continues to ask if mommy should take her to the doctor so Chloe can eat real food.

Liah Lew and Chloe Boo

Biggest Sister Aliah "Lew" and her sweet little Chloe "boo" as she likes to call her. What a big helper she has become.

Waynepa and Chloe Cat

Waynepa holding sweet little Chloe "Cat"!!!!!


How LUCKY Chloe, Brynn, and Aliah are to have Grandma Denise as their Grandma and Wayne as their Waynepa!!! They LOVE them both so much!! The girls are SOOOOO SPOILED by them!!! Grandma and Waynepa came to the hospital on Friday morning we were so excited to have them here!!! THANK YOU for all you did to help us with the arrival of Chloe we all feel so blessed!!

Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben came to our house on Wednesday night and was at the hospital when Chloe was born. We were all excited to have Uncle Ben here. He even went to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE to get mommy dinner right after Chloe was born. I hadn't been able to eat a real meal in about a month because there just hadn't been enough room. I was living on ICE and SOUP it was so great to be able to eat a real meal.


Aliah and Brynn were so excited when Uncle Ben brought them to the hospital to see their new little sister!!! They had been at Grandma Lila's and had been calling us every 15 minutes to find out if Chloe was here yet.


After the 8 hours of anticipation Daddy couldn't wait any longer to hold his newest BUNDLE OF JOY!!!


I was so EXCITED to be the mommy of yet another BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!!!

Chloe Arrives!!!

Welcome to our family CHLOE CHARLIZE PORTER!!! She was born Thursday April 24, 2008 at 3:56 PM. Aliah and Brynn had been looking forward to the birth of Chloe since Christmas!!! Though we struggled to select a name the girls and daddy knew they wanted it to start with a "C" so they could be the ABC girls. Mom wasn't so sure but in the end she was out voted. Chloe weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces, and was 18 inches long.