Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chloe's 1st Birthday at The Little Gym

   We had a great time with our ER play group friends at the Little Gym for Chloe's Birthday!!  It was so AWESOME to have Grandma & Waynepa in town for Chloe's special day. 

Spring Break 2009 Slideshow

Spring Break 2009

  Spring Break was a marathon week for us.  We had activities planned every day.  The weekend began Friday with dying Easter eggs, an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and church on Sunday with all the girls in their matching dresses (only oops---mom forgot those pictures:(  ).   We then had a big dinner at our house.  
  Monday I took Aliah, Brynn, Chloe, and Kassidy (one of Aliah's friend's) to the zoo.  The girls rode on the train around the zoo.  They all rode the carousel as well.  Of course there was ice cream and playing at the zoo park.  It was a good day especially since I worked Sunday night, and had to return to work Monday night.
  Tuesday Danny and I took our girls to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.  We have an annual membership but the girls never tire of it.  There is a tank of stingrays (stingers removed) that is a hands on exhibit.  To our surprise, it was Brynn who opted out of touching them this time.  We then went to lunch at Emmett's where the girls were thrilled to have bubble gum milkshakes (especially Chloe since it was a definite first for her).
   Wednesday was another full day.  The O'Donnell's  (an awesome family of all girls in our ward :) ) and the Porter's had an adventure filled trip to the Discovery Center at Gateway.  It is a children's museum that is full of fun things to keep the kids entertained.  Aliah's favorite was the climbing wall, Brynn's favorite thing was the grocery store, and Chloe loved the waterway.  As if that wasn't enough fun, we then went to the Clark Planetarium where the girls got to explore what life on Mars and the Moon would be like.    We rounded out the day with pizza, American Idol, and a sleepover at our house  (A brave move on my part...hope they liked it cause there won't be another one anytime soon).
   On Thursday, (after very little sleep) I took the girls to The Museum of Ancient Life.  It is the world's largest dinosaur museum.  Aliah, Brynn, Chloe, and Kassidy all reported having ALOT of fun.   At the end of our trip there I decided to get the day's admission refunded and become a full time member.  While I was doing this transaction the girl's managed to get into a little mischief and found themselves grounded :( .  Danny and I had planned to take them all swimming at the Legacy Center but instead, we only took Chloe.  Needless to say, I didn't win too many points for that move (especially with Brynn) but they assure me they learned a good lesson.
   Friday, I took the girls to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point where they all rode ponies.  They have a small petting zoo too.  They watched as some brave little boy decided to pet the donkey.  After that, they weren't too interested in petting too many other animals.  Once back inside, they were able to pet the kid (baby goat).  The girls then spent the next hour begging for a goat.   After lunch, we traveled to nearby Pleasant Grove and visited the Kangaroo Zoo where they played on inflatable slides for a few hours.
   After such a fun-filled, adventure packed week, I was ready for my spring break to start :-)!!!  Just Kidding--  Overall, I am just so grateful that I get to be a mother and especially that I am the mom to three such wonderful daughters,  I am truly blessed!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Chloe was done after she found 1 egg :-)!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chloe Cat


      We Love our sweet girls  :-)!

  Aliah was not excited to be on train tracks. 
     (even though they are no longer in use!!)